Cellular Vibrations Short Film Screening at Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival (BIFIF): Fostering Economic Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE "They Say" An Intriguing Political Short Set to Captivate Audiences at BIFIF on Nov 18th Busumbala, Gambia - November 10, 2023 - Cellular Vibrations, a key player in digital marketing based in The Gambia, proudly announces that Muhammed Dibbasey's impactful short film, "They Say," has achieved significant recognition on Africa's silver screen. The short film is set to screen at the Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival (BIFIF) in Lagos, Nigeria November 18, 2023. This comes following its selection as a finalist in the Political Film category at the G Africa Film Festival in South Africa, "They Say" has secured another prestigious screening opportunity at the African Film Festival  in Kenya. The  Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival (BIFIF) , also known as BIFIF, stands as a dynamic platform to spotlight distinctive stories while facilitating an exchange of diverse cultures and ideolog

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